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Alexander Jesson is a world class illusionist and a born showman who has been astonishing audiences with grand illusion shows internationally and all over the uk for many years now. 

Born and raised in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Alex and his sister, Emily began to create the show in 2004 "Matricks Magic" debuting the first ever 20minute show at a holiday park in Bodmin, Cornwall when they where just ages Nine & Seven. 


They have come a long way since, working alongside the likes of Adam Lambert, Westlife, Diversity, KSI and Roman Kemp. Matricks have not only been seen on Britain's Got Talent but also been seen on "The Sidemen Show" and most recently on Italia's Got Talent Disney+, where they've perplexed millions with their original set pieces, dynamic soundtrack and powerful performances.


To read more about how Matricks began head over to The Beginning page.


Matricks combines elements of danger, comedy and charm, managing to bewilder audiences time after time. However what makes Matricks truly dynamic is the contrast between set pieces; stylish fast paced magic and illusion with dance using current music and special effects. The show is designed to balance comedy and light heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill! 

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