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Matricks Illusion with their sister company Edward J Productions offer a variety of different productions, each focusing on a different concept. Jointly they aim to create new and exciting productions that pay homage to the traditional whilst bringing them straight to the modern day with up to date technology and skills. 
Below you can see some of our past, current and future projects. If you are interested in any of the shows keep an eye on our social media and live dates to see when the next show is near you. Alternatively if you have a venue or event that you feel would be interested in one of these, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss this with you. Or perhaps, you have an event with a specific theme, we can also create something tailor made for you. 
We as a company are always striving to be better and to continue creating new and exciting shows for all the family, we hope you can join us at one soon. 
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Bookings can be made directly through this website:

Matricks Illusion are Available Nationally and Internationally



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